So you are starting a new biz? Or you are keen on a new logo for your exisiting biz? It just so happens that I can help you with that.
The Short Black  
Quick & sharp!
So you have a new biz idea, but it's so new and fresh that you feel nervous committing your lack of funds to branding? You may also not be sure of the perfect target market yet. But you want to get it out there pronto! I get it! I've been there. This package is perfect for you. 
This package includes your own mini "brand plan", a custom logo made just for you, your own mini colour palette & a mini style guide to show you how to use your new logo

The Flat White 
Always hits the spot. 
This package is perfect for a new business or existing brand who knows roughly who their target market is, and wants to get started with something a bit more beefy & flexible than the ol' Short Black. 
This includes your own "brand plan" to nut out all the good juicy stuff behind your biz, a custom logo made just for you, 2 alternate logos or brand marks depending on your individual needs, a delicious colour palette, a typography guide with typefaces supplied, and a beautiful style guide to keep you on track & show you how to use your new brand assets. 
Plus your choice of one marketing item depending on your needs, such as a business card design, postcard design, or social media template. The list goes on! 

The Double-Shot Long Black
Because, coffee... of course! 
Oh this coffee is strong! This package is for an existing brand or new business who is very ready to stand out from the crowd, with some serious whole-shebang branding that won't be scrolled on by.
This includes absolutely everything from the Flat White package above but I will take that lovely package and take it up a big notch, into a beautiful visual brand identity. This will incorporate fun things like graphic elements, patterns or illustrations, which will be customised to compliment your logo, to then be used throughout your social media and website. I will also include a photography suggestion guide, as well as show you ways to use your brand elements to grab hold of your target audience & give them a huge bear hug. 
Plus TWO marketing items depending on your needs, such as a business card design, postcard design, social media template. Whoa. This one's my fave FAVE FAVE. 
Any questions? You know too well I would love to hear them!